Roofing Services in Gloucester

Gloucester Roofer Roofing & Property Maintenance cover all roofing services – from minor repairs to new roofs. If you’d like any more information about the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Chimney Repointing

Gloucester Roofer Roofing & Property Maintenance provide a complete chimney repointing service in Gloucester. If you notice mortar missing from your chimney then repointing is required to prevent any further damage. We can repoint the brickwork around your chimney which will reinforce its structure and maintain the appearance of your home.

Dry Verge Systems

Dry verge systems are a great cost effective way to help protect your home. Once fitted, they require minimal maintenance and help improve the appearance of your home.  There are many systems available to suit all types of roofs and we are always more than happy to offer support and advice on which system to choose. Made from uPVC, our dry verge systems are remarkably secure to withstand weather conditions.

Dry Ridge Systems

Traditional ridge tiles are secured by mortar which, over time, become weaker and can result in ridge tiles coming loose from the roof and falling off in high winds. Dry ridge systems use a dry fix system, which screws to attach clamps between the joints of every ridge tile, clamping them to the roof making them as secure as possible and helps prevent further damage.

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