As a business owner you rely on your property to protect your income and investment – all of which sit under your business roof!

For those business owners we would always encourage then to regularly check their roof to ensure that it is in good condition and to make sure there are not likely to be any unexpected surprises to damage the business.

After all a leaking roof can damage equipment, cause loss of paperwork and can cause a loss of work causing lots of hassle and money.

In July 2017 the wet weather hit Gloucester and an issue on the roof caused flooding at the Kingsholm stadium, the home of Gloucester Rugby. This caused damage totalling over ¬£500,000 and caused endless amounts of disruption to the business and its staff. With Kingsholm’s main stand being a fairly new building too it shows that it can happen to any business.

If you are looking to protect your investment and income why not talk to Luke Workman Roofing & Property Maintenance and ask us to provide a bi-annual or annual roof check on your property. We can check the roof looks fine and organise and remedial works to prevent future issues.

For a free no obligation quotation of any of our roofing services please talk to us here at Luke Workman Roofing & Property Maintenance. look after customers in Gloucester, Cheltenham and beyond, offering quality roofing services at competitive prices.