Here at Luke Workman Roofing in Gloucester we regularly see roof damage that can be attributed to trees.

There are 4 key ways that trees can damage your roof, which are:

  1. Overhanging Branches: Particularly in winter when there is wind and snow, tree branches can snap falling onto the roof causing damage. Not only can we damage fixed roofs we can also maintain trees around the roof for you to eliminate this problem.
  2. Leaves From Trees: These fall onto the roof and accumulate increasing moisture on the roof which causes damp and damage to the shingles. Regularly clean leaves from the roof or ask us to do it for you.
  3. Gutters: Leaves and other detritus can collect in gutters clogging and blocking them. This then causes water to flow on natural routs causing damage to roofs, walls and building foundations too. Let us regularly clean and maintain your guttering to eliminate this problem.
  4. Falling Trees: Fairly self-explanatory …. if a tree falls it can endanger roofs, property and even people. Always check trees for rot and decay and if you believe a tree might be in danger of falling contact a local tree surgeon.

We hope these Tree Tips helped … and if we can be of any help with your roof or guttering repairs or maintenance please call us here at Luke Workman Roofing in Gloucester.

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