Here at Luke Workman Roofing in Gloucester we understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to all roofing materials.

Today we are going to explore the pro’s and con’s of slate roofing tiles on your roof.

Slate is a metamorphic rock that is an extremely popular roofing material due to its natural water resistance, absorbing less that 0.4% of any water that lands on it.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of slate roofing?

  • Advantage – Aesthetics: Slate roofs are extremely attractive and have a traditional style that looks great.
  • Advantage – Longevity: Slate roofs are extremely durable and can be expected to last for many years, sometimes up to 200 years. This is why a 100 year warranty on some slates is not uncommon. It is also cost effective in the long term and is deemed as being eco-friendly too.
  • Advantage – Low Maintenance: Because of the durability of slate roofs, if installed correctly they should need very little maintenance. Because slate is also very water resistant it is also exceptionally resistant to moulds and fungi’s etc.
  • Disadvantage – Heavyweight: Slate is one of the heaviest roofing materials on the market meaning architectural allowances need to be made to ensure the structure is suitable to hold the weight of the roof.
  • Disadvantage – Difficult To Replace: Because slate is a natural product the colours are often difficult to match, although this is easier to achieve with artificial slate.
  • Disadvantage – Complex Installation: Installing a slate roof properly is a complex job, even for the most skilled of roofers. If it is not done correctly it will result in difficult and costly repairs later on down the road. This is why we recommend you use Luke Workman Roofing for your slate roof installations and repairs.

If you are looking for a new slate roof installation, or slate roof repairs in Gloucester, Cheltenham or the surrounding areas please contact for a free no obligation quotation.