There are many reasons why your roof might leaf during heavy rain. Here in Gloucester, we have been called out on a couple of emergency jobs this month where the clients are experiencing leaks.

There are several reasons why your roof might be leaking, and most of them can be resolved by a good roofing company, such as Luke Morley at

Here are some causes for roof leaks during the heavy rain:

  1. Chimneys and roof shingles can cause leaks, and chimneys leak and can retain water causing problems.
  2. Skylights in the roof may have issues with the seals and joints meaning water can leak through during heavy rainfall.
  3. Basic plumbing and heating can cause leaks during heavy rainfall. For example ventilation fan ducts can cause issues.
  4. Metal roofs and metal elements of roofs can corrode over time and leaks will naturally occur.
  5. Unventilated attics can cause melt-water to form and collect throughout the roof. This melt-water can freeze and melt again causing leaks.
  6. Poorly maintained roofs with broken tiles, shingles and guttering are one of the main causes of leaks during heavy rain. It is very important to keep your roof well maintained.

If you have a roof leak in Gloucester, Cheltenham or the surrounding areas and are looking for a good roofer to repair or maintain your roof then we would welcome the opportunity to quote at

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