When people think about ‘looking after their home’ how many consider the roofing element? We all think about the garden, windows, driveway … yet its the roof that is vital in protecting us from the elements.

Keeping your roof maintained is a great investment. Keeping your roof up-together ensures you don’t end up having leaks, accidents a roof repair bill and possibly water repairs to the inside of the house.

Here are some great tips to help you keep your roof maintained:

  1. Keep it clean of debris by cleaning and clearing gutters and drains regularly, and cleaning the roof from any debris such as dirt,moss and leaves. If you’d like www.gloucester-roofer.co.uk to help with this please give us a call.
  2. Have regular inspections checking for cracks in the shingles, missing shingles, holes in the roof, roof damage and internal damage inside the home attic area. www.gloucester-roofer.co.uk are happy to perform this inspection for you should you not be comfortable with this task.
  3. Cut branches and trees to stop them banging against or falling onto the roof. As unbelievable as this sounds they can cause huge damage to your roof. This is another job that can be performed by www.gloucester-roofer.co.uk.
  4. Fungus, algae and old should be removed to stop ongoing damage. Cleaning agents can be purchased to remove these, or if you don’t want to get onto the roof then call www.gloucester-roofer.co.uk and we will do this for you!

If you are looking for a roofing company that offers fantastic service at great prices then look no further than www.gloucester-roofer.co.uk.

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