Here at Luke Workman Roofing & Property Maintenance in Gloucester we always put health and safety first.

When we are considering health and safety we are not only thinking about our staff, we are also thinking about our customers and the general public who might be affected by any roofing works we are completing.

Scaffolding is a must when working at heights to ensure our staff have a safe and secure structure to work from, but by ensuring edges are fitted onto the scaffolding we can also ensure and tools or materials that fall will land on the scaffolding and not on people below.

Lots of roofing companies will scrimp with scaffolding to save on cost, however it leaves customers and the general public being exposed to a dangerous environment.

If you are looking for a roofer in Gloucester or Cheltenham who can deliver quality work at excellent prices, whilst ensuring high safety standards are always maintained then why not talk to – Luke Workman Roofing & Property Maintenance …. you won’t be disappointed!

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