Lead is the most recycled and recovered building material in use today. Lead lasts longer and ages more beautifully than any of the other materials used for the same purpose. Its resistance to corrosion means that lead outlasts any alternative building material, making it the excellent financial value. Whilst lead may attract a higher price price than alternative materials, in terms of longevity it represents excellent value for money and also looks incredible too.

Luke Workman Roofing in Gloucester are specialists in leadwork, and we enjoy the challenge presented by complex dormer windows, valley gutters, flat roofs and vertical panels, in addition to the day to day installation of the flashings required on most modern roofs.

Offering this traditional craftsmanship service enables us to create roofs and features that will retain their aesthetic appeal for generations.

If you are looking for new, replacement or beadwork repairs look no further than Luke Workman Roofing in Gloucester. We will be delighted to help. with your leadwork requirements.