Here at Luke Workman Roofing & Property Maintenance we hear many stories about ‘cowboy roofers’ and ‘dodgy tradesmen’.

Here are our top tips on how to spot a ‘cowboy tradesman’ … because trust us, none of them wear stetsons and arrive on a horse!

  1. The Spotter – these are the guys who drive past and will knock your door saying they have spotted an issue on your roof and can fix it for you. They generally exaggerate and use scare tactics to talk you into having the job done and generally at an inflated price too. Dont let them scare you … take their number then contact a local reputable company for a second opinion.
  2. The Unmissable One Time Deal – These guys are in the area and can offer an unbelieveble price for the repairs, but its a one-time deal. Our advice is, if it sounds too good to be true it generally is. Again get advice from a local reputable company for a second opinion.
  3. No Contract, Payment Up-Front & Cash-Only Deals – Do roofers and tradesmen who insist on any of this as part of the deal sound reputable, honest or reliable? …. Our thoughts are ‘no they don’t … so why would you use them?

Using reputable local roofers and tradesmen may cost you a couple of quid more but at least you get the job done right, get it completed and get a guarantee for the works.

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